Birthday Cakes

Chew Chew Naked Cake

Choose from organic chicken, beef, lamb meat pate

naked cake 01

naked cake 02

Because we know that you'll always know your dog best. This cake is a blank canvas for you to prepare a super special and unique cake for your little buddy.

The size of the cake is all up to you (how big would your Chewkin want their party to be?), and we can write any message of your choosing on top. Then go to town on it when you get home!

Choosing a size can be very difficult, so to help you out the pricing is based on weight! As guideline, 100g will suit one small dog (though 100g will suit a big dog too, at a party.) so choose a size based on how many mouths you want to feed!

Chew Chew Heart Shape Cake Set

A heart shaped birthday cake, with dinner and a treat bag (size depends on your dog).

Small dog birthday cake set:

  • Cake: 6cm x 6cm x 4cm
  • Dinner: 200g
  • Treat bag: for small doggies!

Medium dog birthday cake set:

  • Cake: 6cm x 6cm x 7cm
  • Dinner: 400g
  • Treat bag: for medium sized doggies! (also good for a few small dogs - please let me know!)