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Cat Treats

You can choose from a variety of all-natural, organic treats that are packed with nutrition and taste great.

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    Argyle Dishes Wattle Cat 800g

    Argyle Dishes Wattle Cat 800g


    Wattle Cat has chosen the highest quality protein ingredients for your cat.

    This is a low allergy food with an organic base of ingredients.  A high quality fiber using Chia which helps with fur balls.

    Red kangaroo meat, low fat lamb meat and white fish are used to keep the protein high for cats.  The use of herbs works well with the circulation system to help with waste.

    Australian made using minimum preservatives (6 month shelf life)
    Price Discount
    1 pack $22.00
    5 packs or more

    Ingredients:  Kangaroo meat, lamb meat, Australian mackerel, Taylor (bluefish) potato, brown rice, quinoa, amaranthus, Chia seeds, apple, parsley, sunflower seeds, linseed oil, blueberry extract, dried sea tangle powder, sweet fennel, chamomile, yucca, chlorella, Vitamin & amino acids, chelate mineral, gallium apine.

    Crude Protein 36% more, Crude Fat 11% more, Crude Fiber less than 5%, Ash less than 7%, Moisture less than 11%, Magnesium less than 1%, ME (Energy)
    348 kcal/100g