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150g bottle will last a small pet 30 days.

Just as we take vitamins to supplement our diet, our pets also benefit from nutritional supplements. That’s why Chew Chew’s Balance Flakes are becoming an essential item in any pet-lover’s kitchen.

We’ve seen the health of many animals improve in just a matter of weeks after adding Balance Flakes to their diet.

Depending on what your pet usually eats, they may not be getting all the nutrients they need. This is particularly true of fussy eaters and more mature pets. That’s where Chew Chew’s Balance Flakes comes in. All you have to do is sprinkle some Balance Flakes over your pet’s meal – and this will make up for much of what they are missing in their diet.

If you use Balance Flakes everyday, most pet-lovers see a difference in their pets in two weeks. Their coats will shine, their eyes will be brighter and they’ll be more … balanced

What are Balance Flakes?

Balance Flakes are a variation on an old Japanese recipe where I have altered each ingredients volume to meet the Australian Natural Veterinarians standards.

Balance Flakes are made using dried ingredients which is an ideal detox for their system it keeps their circulation system normal it also has Zinc added which works well for skin irritations.

A lot of health problems are caused by waste matter that is stuck in their body which is usually caused by stress, environment or poor nutrition.  This can cause skin irritations and itching in some dogs as the toxins build up in the body. 

The aim of Balance Flakes is to help this waste matter to move quickly thru the body rather than staying inside and to get their circulation back to normal.

The flakes are a unique combination of nutrient-rich ingredients designed to improve your pet’s health. After you see the difference Balance Flakes can make to your pet’s health, you might even want them for yourself!

I have lots of feedback from my customers saying how well it works and yet is natural and safe for their pets.


WARNING! This is not a meal no grain has been added it is to be used in conjunction with their food to be sprinkled over their dinner.

Our most popular product tried and trusted.


5 Balance Flakes suggestions

  1. Great for a puppy to help correct the body system and build muscle and stronger bones.
  2. For the pet who has skin irritations and itching to correct the waste matter.
  3. For the pet who is on a lot of medication or had an operation where their immune system is low. 
  4. For the fussy eaters or the ones who have lost their appetite to sprinkle over food or make soup for them by using balance flakes
  5. For the old pet to keep their circulation system normal.

Please try this product it is full of Eastern nutritional knowledge all put in one.

Customer's Recommendation
"This is the best product I have found it works well and is safe for my dogs".

Chew Chew’s Balance Flakes:

What ingredients are used in Balance Flakes?

We use a special combination of nutritional ingredients to help keep your pet in optimum health.

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For more comprehensive information about how these ingredients improve your pets health:

Balance Flakes Details

See pictures below of Rambo before and after Balance Flakes:

Rambo Before  Rambo After

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