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About Naoko

Japanese Pet Nutritionist, Pet Food Specialist & Pet Care Adviser

Hello, my name is Naoko, I love animals and I am passionate about helping pet owners find easy, natural and affordable ways to keep their pets healthy.

I have studied pet nutrition for many years and I truly believe that a nutritious diet can improve the health of nearly all pets.

My belief and knowledge is based from molecular nutrition and the immune system. I would not feed my dog anything that I could not put in my own mouth.

In my life so far I have owned 7 cats and 2 dogs, including my current baby Douglas. He is my first Aussie dog. After buying Douglas I began to notice that many australian dogs have skin problems, but I didn't want my dog to suffer from these allergies. I lost my first dog as a child when she was 13 years old and I want Douglas to live even longer.

I understand that pets are important family members, and we all want them to live long happy lives. I can help you through all of their stages of life, from puppies to teenagers, adults and seniors.

I am qualified to suggest nutrition for each stage of their life.

Please understand my nutritional belief is that;

The important factor is NOT how much protein or vitamins they need in a day -

The important factor is that they need to eat meat or fish, and vegetables. These things already have the natural protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals that your pet requires.

Healthy food is all balanced!

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