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Cooking Workshops

Basic Cooking Class

For those who want a more in-depth education, join in to learn how to design and make well balanced meals for your pet, from scratch. Come and learn with Naoko the basics of pet nutrition, and give your furry friend the best food they've ever eaten, all by yourself!

Classes will be small, so each student will get lots of attention.

Chew Chew Cooking Workshop

Would you like to learn and have fun at the same time? Come along and join our hands-on cooking workshops with Naoko who is a certified Japanese Pet Nutrition Expert and Pet Care Advisor.

Watch Naoko prepare amazing meals for your dog. Naoko will demonstrate step by step how to prepare meals and explain just how easy it is to make healthy delicious meals as well as healthy desserts.

Each time we will cook a complete meal. A different menu will be provided each month. Naoko will be happy to answer any questions and recipes will be provided at the end of each class. Enjoy chatting with your class mates in a fun and relaxed environment.

These classes are easy and guaranteed to be lots of fun for you and your dog. No need to be a Master-chef!

Your dog or puppy is very welcome to come along for the class.

Cooking Class for Allergies & Illness

If your dog has been diagnosed with an illness or has allergies, we can teach you how to cook meals specifically tailored to your dog's health requirements.

You will learn which foods are best for your dog and how to prepare meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

Naoko is a certified Japanese Pet Nutrition Expert and Pet Care Advisor and she will tailor recipes according to your pet's specific health requirements. Classes are small so that more individual attention can be provided.

Our classes are structured to provide ample time for you to discuss your dog's health issues with Naoko. This is then followed by a cooking workshop demonstration and explanation of the key ingredients necessary in meal planning for your dog. Classes are intensive and provide detailed information relevant to your dog's allergies or illnesses.

As Naoko is an expert in pet nutrition, you can be assured that her advice is sound and based on her many years of experience and research.

1 class $150.00 (per class) x 2 classes, total $300.00 per person (inc individual recipe).

Held at Chew Chew Pet Restaurant

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