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About Us

Puppy Tail Pty Ltd t/a Chew Chew
Est. August 2006

Shop address

Shop 3, Railway Walk, Wollstonecraft Station
Cnr. Shirley Road & Telopea Street
Wollstonecraft NSW 2065

Post Office Box Address

Po Box 764
Lane Cove NSW 1595


CEO: Naoko Okamoto, Japanese Pet Nutritionist & Japanese Pet Care Advisor (learn more about Naoko and her qualifications here)

Chef: Hazki & Marie

We know you want the best for your dog, and that includes healthy, nutritious meals. Chew Chew has a range of organic meals - made from all natural ingredients - which are ready to serve at any time.

When you feed your pet Chew Chew meals, treats and supplements, you’ll help them:

  • maintain good health
  • reduce the incidence of sickness
  • improve the condition of their coat and skin
  • become happy, vibrant pets.

Why choose Chew Chew?

About Us

These home-made meals ingredients have been carefully selected. This gourmet, organic dog food contains vital nutrients to keep your pet happy and healthy. They are free from preservatives, artificial colourings, antibiotics and pesticides – all of which can have a negative affect on your pet’s health.

Affordable and convenient

Chew Chew products are carefully created by experts in pet nutrition. The treats include home-made biscuits and snacks. Meals from Chew Chew Kitchen come in ready-to-serve packets – your pets will love them!

Importantly, Chew Chewmealsand treats are affordable – so you can provide your pet with the best diet possible, while staying in your budget, if you are in Sydney, we can deliver our delicious organic dog food to your door!   So easy!

What’s best for your dog

You can choose from:

  • Delicious fresh meals
    Chew Chew Kitchen createshome-made mealsthat will tempt even the fussiest pets. They come cooked or raw – and they are all ready-to-serve.
  • Handmade food support Chew Chew is selling food to help support your homemade cooking, we have organic organ mince, vegetable packs and topping varieties. 
  • Treats and biscuits
    These are healthy organic snacks that taste delicious. You’ll find a wide range of treats including fish, dates, sesame, carrot and pumpkin.
  • Vitamin supplements
    Chew Chew’sBalance Flakesare a nutritional supplement you simply sprinkle on your pet’s food. The flakes provide added nutrients to your pet’s diet – and taste great too!
About Us