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Chew Chew has always and will continue to maintain very high standards of hygiene. We will be doing our best to ensure your pet can stay healthy and happy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic!
Please call us if you have any inquiries during this period on (02) 9460 7111 (diverted to Naoko's mobile)

Organic, Handmade

We tailor every meal to your pet, for their specific health needs. We use only organic meats.

Veterinarian Partner

We work with vets to help dogs recover from serious illness like severe allergies, kidney and liver disease, cancer and pancreatitis with nutrition plans.



Monthly free learning sessions at the Chew Chew shop. Learn about dry food, nutrition & ingredients, pet illness and more.


Discuss your pet's health with Naoko. We make meal plans, tailored recipes and provide advice on your dog's condition.


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Living their best lives.
For years to come.

We specialise in creating homemade organic and nutritious meals.

All of our treats have natural ingredients.

Wed & Thu   Booking only

Fri  & Sat & Sun 11:00-5:00

Naoko Okamoto

Naoko Okamoto

Japanese Pet Nutritionist (JPNA)
Pet Care Advisor (JPCA)

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Naoko Okamoto

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Wed & Thu   Booking Only
Fri - Sun, 11am - 5pm: Eat-in

Call to confirm availability for birthdays

For safety reasons medium and large sized dogs are served outside

Happy Birthdays

Spoil your pet with delicious and healthy birthday treats.

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